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ThEy ThAt i LoVe

ThEy ThAt i LoVe

Jumaat, 3 Februari 2012


Asalamualikum .. hyep , monink .. have a nice day ^_^ .. actually do not have any idea to update blog .. but just to get rid of bored..yesterday , at 10 or 11p.m #not sure .. i call capital T .. emm myb it daily routine on my life since he come into my life .. i will call him every night #eh x slalu kadang2 :) .. but that night is the most beautiful for me .. #myb for me not for him .. why ? because he call me "syg , love u too" ayoo #sweet like a lolipop la dear .. haha ..myb u all think it is simple word right ? but it not for me okeyh !huhu to hard to hear capital T call me like this ..even since capital T n me ------ .. seriously .. #touching .. lalala ~ 143 tata ..  

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